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gully / водосток, промоина, сток
имя существительное
drain, gully
scour, gully, washout
effluent, sink, drainage, discharge, outlet, gully
образовывать овраги
образовывать рытвины
имя существительное
a water-worn ravine.
Small, unsurfaced roads dipping through gullies and ravines are apt to get wiped out from flash flooding, and help in remote areas usually is slow in coming.
erode gullies into (land) by water action.
he began to pick his way over the gullied landscape
He knows this area very, very well, gully by gully , mountain top by mountain top.
At one point the gully is deep enough for a man to stand in.
he was caught in the gully by Jones
However, clay pipe fragments showed the gully to be post-medieval.
Duffy tumbled down a small washout gully formed by the occasional flash flood, and managed to miss the pelting debris, but he came to an abrupt stop against a tropical tree.
His knowledge of every pipe, gully , drain, outlet and inlet was second to none.
After three hours of walking blindly through the woods, we had stumbled upon this gully .
He made his way back to a small gully where water once flowed.
The car had hit him and he was spun off the side of the road and into a deep gully .
The water level remaining constant in regards to sea level, while the land slowly rose up, and the water sliced a huge gully in order to maintain its original place and level.