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gull / чайка, простак
имя существительное
gull, seagull, mew, sea mew
simpleton, simple, sucker, coot, noddy, gull
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, gull
fool, goof, gull, bubble, have a game with
имя существительное
a long-winged, web-footed seabird with a raucous call, typically having white plumage with a gray or black mantle.
I could go on and on about the many herons, egrets, gulls , terns, and various and sundry other species we spotted yesterday.
a person who is fooled or deceived.
The title of this piece might seem to be no more than a comment on the ease with which the flats, mugs, suckers, punters, marks, gulls , or coneys could be relieved of their money.
fool or deceive (someone).
workers had been gulled into inflicting poverty and deprivation upon themselves
This change might affect the migration and reproductive ecology of the ivory gull and other seabirds in the High Arctic.
In some ways, there are breeds of gull and sea bird who are light years ahead of us on the long-term commitment front and don't seem to have the same issues that we do.
This gull has a slate-gray back, a white belly and tail, and black wingtips.
The Thayer's Gull is a large gull , with typical gull-like plumage.
A pelagic gull , this kittiwake spends most of the year at sea.
This gull has narrow wings, a slender, black, pin-like bill, and pink legs.
The body coloration is typical of gull plumage from above, but both breeding and non-breeding adults have dark underwings with pale wingtips, which are distinctive in flight.
Each occasion a large gull or carrion crow passed overhead, the buntings took all wing, providing a most impressive spectacle.
They have gulled municipalities around the world into letting them stage their pranks, and the result is celebrity and riches.
If racists decide to, say, murder an Asian man in Nottingham, they were gulled into it by ‘constant and violent imprecations against the British government’.