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gulf / пропасть, бездна, пучина
имя существительное
abyss, precipice, gulf, chasm, deep, abysm
abyss, deep, chasm, gulf, profound, abysm
abyss, gulf, depth, profound, abysm, vortex
всасывать в водоворот
поглощать в водоворот
присуждать диплом без отличия
имя существительное
a deep ravine, chasm, or abyss.
The canyons - or gulfs , as the local people call them - are each about five miles long and 800 feet deep and are rimmed almost continuously by sheer sandstone cliffs.
a large difference or division between two people or groups, or between viewpoints, concepts, or situations.
a wide gulf between theory and practice
The two sides remain sharply polarised, and periodic attempts to bridge the wide gulf between them have fizzled out.
Thus the gulf represents a piece of ocean separated from the main Pacific by the equally large slice of continental crust of Baja California.
there's a gulf in class between both sides
Talks between the two sides took place over the holiday season, but little progress was made in bridging the wide gulf between the sides.
The gulf between his differing cricketing spheres is not as marked as it first appears.
There used to be a wide gulf between the greater publishing, academic and multilingual communities.
December 25, 2009 the Chinese let loose a barrage of nukes and strategic missiles on the combined fleets in the Chihli gulf .
Some parts of the gulf are five times more saline than open oceans.
Sunderland may be challenging for promotion back to the Premiership, but the gulf between the two divisions was never more evident as Everton eased through virtually without breaking sweat.
Dangerous Reef, located at the mouth of the gulf , is home to the great white shark.