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gulch / расселина, балка, узкое глубокое ущелье
имя существительное
crack, chasm, rift, gulch, rent
beam, balk, girder, joist, timber, gulch
узкое глубокое ущелье
имя существительное
a narrow and steep-sided ravine marking the course of a fast stream.
Gold seekers, speculators, freighters, merchants, and stockmen flooded the valleys, gulches , and creeks near the Continental Divide.
We walked on until we had a commanding view of the upper gulch and the crosses strung out in a long line.
Painters settled along the Arroyo Seco, the picturesque gulch on the city's west side.
The town of Deadwood is cradled in a narrow gulch between pine-covered bluffs in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Alder Gulch, discovered in May 1863, rendered prodigious amounts of placer gold-arguably the most ever extracted from a single gulch .
After a while, we crossed a dry gulch , Horse Creek, and turned off into a patch of Grasslands the Forest Service proposes to keep roadless.
An impressive mill was built on the lower slope of the mountain near the foot of the gulch .
And it's entirely possible somebody dropped a cigarette at the bottom of the gulch here.
The day of the fire the thermometer reached a record ninety-seven degrees in Helena; it surely topped that in the narrow confines of the gulch about twenty-five miles to the north.
The main drag is a gulch - the town's original name was Deadwood Gulch - that was much widened during an 1870s gold rush into a classic gunfighter main street lined with gambling saloons.
Timber on the mountainsides here grows in vertical stripes on the flanks between gulches where avalanches scour everything but the most flexible willows and young trees.