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guise / облик, личина, маска
имя существительное
guise, image, shape, figure, physiognomy, person
guise, mask, disguise, cloak, cover, likeness
mask, guise, disguise, cover, visor, cloak
имя существительное
an external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.
he visited in the guise of an inspector
Yet, several aspects of this debate assumed a new guise as a range of complex questions emerged.
They were thought to have dual natures because they appeared only in the guise of morning or evening stars.
he visited in the guise of an inspector
telemarketing and selling under the guise of market research
Yup, he was trying to convert all us shoppers to God under the guise of being a musician.
sums paid under the guise of consultancy fees
He played my life away like a game of charades behind the guise of immaturity and stupidity.
As ever with legend, the lore of the wise-woman presents itself in the guise of history and truth.
he visited in the guise of an inspector
For this is what has allowed the government to appear in the guise of Santa Claus.