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guilty / виновный, виноватый, повинный
имя прилагательное
guilty, culpable, delinquent
guilty, hangdog, in fault
имя прилагательное
culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing.
the police will soon discover who the guilty party is
I was told that the husband has pleaded guilty to contempt proceedings in the Family Court.
A person who has been found guilty of a criminal offence is liable to be sentenced by the court.
The householder may be guilty of manslaughter and liable to be brought before the criminal courts.
Now Lenny is a reformed alcoholic with a white wife, a thriving writing career and a guilty conscience.
Are roguelike games some kind of guilty , secret pleasure for those of you who play them?
Mortensen produces a decent performance as a man that might be hiding a guilty secret.
Where once it was society's guilty secret, now there is a concerted effort to trawl for and publicise any hint of racism.
It is suggested that such a defendant should be regarded as being guilty of manslaughter and not murder.
Now, we know that your client pleaded guilty to a similar offence against his daughter.
He pleaded guilty to three other indecent assaults on the same youngster.