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guiltless / невинный, невиновный, безвинный
имя прилагательное
innocent, harmless, guiltless, virginal, blameless, unoffending
innocent, guiltless
innocent, guiltless
имя прилагательное
having no guilt; innocent.
you don't need a pardon if you're guiltless
But the board is not a guiltless , unsuspecting tool of county counsel when it comes to matters concerning the county's duties to the people it serves.
They would be guiltless to some extent in genuinely believing there was a mortal threat to the territory and people of the United States and United Kingdom, yet they would also be downright fools.
The false rumour was tatty, but the Prime Minister's guiltless acknowledgement of it was refreshing.
He is distrusted by colleagues because he is blatantly ambitious, but no leadership candidate could be guiltless of that trait.
Now it seems to have taken a wretched, guiltless man's life with it.
A strict no-tipping policy makes for a guiltless leave-it-with-the-doorman option.
Why are we not then guiltless if we thwart conscience and reason too?
I am not guiltless in this regard, and like most other men, I have at one time or another shared the details of a one-night stand with my buddies.
This points to a second salient fact in the history of energy technology: the quest for an endless, stainless, and guiltless source of energy.
Does this mean Americans can't write about Channel-swimming, or bull-running, or guiltless sexual abandon, since we're not generally known for it?