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guileless / бесхитростный, простодушный
имя прилагательное
artless, guileless, ingenuous, silly, shiftless, single
simple, ingenuous, artless, innocent, unsophisticated, guileless
имя прилагательное
devoid of guile; innocent and without deception.
his face, once so open and guileless
It seemed like a heavy responsibility to place upon an innocent, guileless ukulele.
The country folk in the train spoke a language I was unfamiliar with, but their open, guileless speech and laughter was more beautiful to me than any hymn.
It was the innocent, guileless laugh that normally only the young could make.
Indeed, he seems so sincere and guileless he could make ally unsuspecting bloke fall under his sweet spell.
Jonathon was completely open and guileless , much to his own discomfort.
He is open and guileless ; physically close to Jonathan, sexually attracted to Clare and yet oblivious to the damaging impact he might have on them.
Breathtaking in their simple beauty, guileless in their natural expressiveness, these early pieces have few of the bizarre exaggerations of character reflected in her subsequent work.
In his brief life M.R. was a successful family and businessman and the last time I saw him, he was still as friendly, open, and guileless as he'd been the morning I met his pigs.
And Elizabeth is about the most innocent, guileless , angelic little girl you've ever met.
Like the invitation to run together, he blurted out such things as if he were completely unaware of how they might be interpreted, with a guileless innocence that couldn't help but put me at ease.