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guile / хитрость, коварство, обман
имя существительное
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, ruse
cunning, guile, craftiness, wiliness, devilry, astuteness
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, guile
perfidy, treachery, disloyalty, falsehood, perjury, guile
имя существительное
sly or cunning intelligence.
he used all his guile and guts to free himself from the muddle he was in
He specializes in the reject, the marginal prospect who makes it with guts and guile .
As always, the key to success in this business lies in the cunning use of guile .
Equally, he has the stamina, guile and composure both to make chances and work himself into positions to take them.
Being able to think and reason the survival of the fittest wasn't just down to strength but also wits, guile and cunning.
A year of sidestepping problems and clever manipulations, backed by intelligence and guile .
He played with power and guile , the bat appearing almost malleable in his hands as he guided the ball around the ground.
He's got a bit of nous, craft and guile and he can get hold of the ball and retain it.
he used all his guile and guts to free himself from the muddle he was in
With little or no money, Strachan has applied guile and wiles to forging a unit where the team ethic is at its keenest.
You have to provide guile , craft and quality service through to your frontmen to open teams up at this level.