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guildhall / ратуша, место собраний гильдии, место собраний цеха
имя существительное
town hall, city hall, Guildhall, townhouse
место собраний гильдии
место собраний цеха
имя существительное
a building used as the meeting place of a guild or corporation.
Ghent is much more of a living city, bustling and noisy, its waterways lined with fine merchants' houses, guildhalls and churches built through medieval wool wealth and later prosperity from grain trading.
It proves valuable again at Campo San Rocco, Venice's loveliest small square, where we are introduced to the magnificent Scuola Grande guildhall , festooned with Tintorettos.
His rise to prominence as alderman of Billingsgate ward and of the German guildhall in London is a story worth telling, and the author does an admirable job of weaving together its various strands.
Four men were ‘elected’ - in fact, nominated by the mayor in open guildhall for community consent - to assess the fines on offenders.
From 1709 until the early nineteenth century the Goldsmiths' Company had their guildhall in Werburgh Street, close to Dublin Castle.
In a typical passage, the German guildhall is described as a place where one might find ‘efficiency, competent information and logical ways forward.’
The move to use Windsor guildhall also met with problems when it emerged that, under the rules governing civil marriages, members of the public must be allowed to attend.
He heard the door of the guildhall slam open, and a crowd emerged.
It was modest in size, with perhaps 40 pupils taught by one master, assisted by an usher, in the room above the guildhall , both of which survive and are still used by the school.
And if that gives you a bit of bug, you can head to Fossgate and Europe's finest medieval guildhall .
He ran down the alleyways and before long had returned to the guildhall .