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guilder / гульден
имя существительное
guilder, gulden
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of the Netherlands (until the introduction of the euro), equal to 100 cents.
The euro, which replaces the old francs, marks, guilders , pesetas, escudos, drachmas, and lire of the European Union, is not yet five years old.
Much of the earlier strong performance of the Dutch economy was due to a decision in the early 1980s to link the guilder to the Deutschmark through the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.
No more confusion over how many dollars make a mark and how many marks become a guilder or how many lire a set of wheels go for.
That is, prices start at the highest point, usually a guilder per stem, and fall until a buyer finds an agreeable price.
In October 1981 the Deutschmark and the Dutch guilder were revalued, while the French franc and the lira were devalued.
The Dutch are angry at the price rises that accompanied the loss of the guilder and the launch of the euro, hostile towards the new east European members from last year's big-bang enlargement, and opposed to Turkey joining the union.
As head of the Dutch central bank from 1982 to 1997, Duisenberg functioned as the Dutch arm of the Bundesbank, copying German interest-rate moves to keep the guilder in a virtual monetary union with the mark.
Most suppliers and wholesalers hiked prices because the guilder was 2.2 to the euro.
The money ran into thousands of guilders (hundreds of pounds sterling) but went unnoticed by the bank.
As Siam could not manufacture enough, Dutch guilders and Mexican pesos were introduced and counter stamped.
The Elector Palatine in Dusseldorf appointed him as court-painter in 1697, with an annual salary of four thousand guilders , but left him free to sell half his pictures to others.