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guild / гильдия, цех, союз
имя существительное
guild, gild, craft union
shop, workshop, department, guild, manufactory, gild
union, alliance, league, association, conjunction, guild
имя существительное
a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power.
The right model for the teacher unions is the medieval craftsman guilds , the hallmarks of which were professional ability and demonstrated accomplishment.
The November meeting of Emo ICA guild was held in the Gate Lodge on Wednesday, November 5.
Filmmakers in the Directors Guild of Canada, for example, have never been able to decide in the 30 years of its existence whether they are in a guild or a union.
If I were to be represented within a labor organization, I would need to be in a tech guild , not a tech union.
When the guild took on the project the lodge was in a terrible state of disrepair and was almost derelict.
And, to avoid competition, natural selection has made sure that, even within a guild there are tiny differences in the diets, habitats or behaviours of each member.
There is evidence of a major Roman road and cemetery, including the urns of two people from the second or third century, a Roman dock, a medieval church, and the hall of the medieval guild of the Cordwainers.
What is the difference between a guild and a union, and is one better than the other for programmers in particular?
The January meeting of the Emo ICA guild was held in the Gate Lodge.
If teachers were represented by some kind of professional association, like a guild or trade union, we could avoid all the misery this government is bringing into our schools.
Our law acknowledges the right of members of a particular trade to organize together into a guild or union.