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guideline / директива, установка, руководящие указания
имя существительное
directive, guideline, instruction, direction, leading, lead
installation, setting, plant, mounting, facility, guideline
руководящие указания
имя существительное
a general rule, principle, or piece of advice.
The Health and Safety Executive also issued guidelines for working safely on the Bay.
The general guideline for the care and use of laboratory animals was followed.
The guideline avoids specific recommendations on cholesterol lowering drugs.
I had written something to say about her, just as a basic guideline for me to work from.
As the usability guideline suggested, any new function is a road block for users to find the other functions.
I mean, is there a guideline , is there a statute, is there a procedure, or do they make it up as they go along?
Then you have his breach of the guideline that directors should only chair one top 100 company.
I also take into account the statutory guidelines and all the circumstances of the case.
There are, however, some basic guidelines to follow during the course of the hand.
Darkness fell, and strict safety guidelines kept us from going out on deck unless in pairs.
The chief medical officer has also issued interim guidelines pending his final report.