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guidebook / путеводитель
имя существительное
guide, guidebook, itinerary, Baedeker, itinerarium, vade mecum
имя существительное
a book of information about a place, designed for the use of visitors or tourists.
Outside, office workers are hurrying home and the city's more adventurous tourists, guidebooks open at the Where to Eat page, are out hunting a restaurant for dinner.
His son did the research for a guidebook to Italy which was a popular companion on the Grand Tour.
Our tourist guidebook had given little attention to the town and we now saw why.
Begin thought up the idea when a tour guide operator called him asking if he wanted to place an ad in a tourist guidebook .
It is a shame that the museum does not offer descriptive text in English or a guidebook to assist the visitor to learn more about what's on show.
The guidebook is available from local book shops and tourist centres, price €9.95.
He bought a travel guidebook with addresses of places to eat and sent off applications.
I had read all these horror stories in guidebooks and western travelers had told me others, but all I saw was this incredible hospitality in India.
Tourist guidebooks are full of stories about the tricks that rickshaw drivers pull on unsuspecting tourists.
Information in the mainstream guidebooks being predictably thin, I turned to the ultimate travel guidebook - the Internet.
I have never really had much use for guidebooks , except of course to check out a few facts and those being mostly on a cultural basis.