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guide / руководство, гид, путеводитель
имя существительное
manual, guide, leadership, guidance, direction, governance
guide, conductor, cicerone
guide, guidebook, itinerary, Baedeker, itinerarium, vade mecum
guide, head, direct, destine, route, refer
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, wage
lead, guide, manage, direct, run, govern
имя существительное
a person who advises or shows the way to others.
this lady is going to act as our guide for the rest of the tour
a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation.
here is a guide to the number of curtain hooks you will need
a structure or marking that directs the motion or positioning of something.
the guides for the bolt needed straightening
a soldier, vehicle, or ship whose position determines the movements of others.
show or indicate the way to (someone).
he guided her to the front row and sat beside her
direct or have an influence on the course of action of (someone or something).
he guided the team to a second successive win in the tournament
Pilot boat men who guide ships in and out of Waterford Port last night balloted in favour of industrial action, a move which could disrupt July's Tall Ships' Race launch.
As social creatures, we do rely upon the behavior of others as a guide to our own decisions, and we do invest significantly in presenting a consistent persona to those around us.
He thanked both his family and Mr Stevenson and his mountain guide Andy Owen at the Kendal climbing wall for their back-up.
At the end of the tour the guide kindly requests the tourists not to feed any elephants when they are seen on the roads.
information is available to guide you through the planning and development process
The drill guide was removed and a second drill guide was inserted to position the remaining tunnel.
Whether grilling on the back porch or packing a picnic for the beach, there are many cookbooks available to guide you through the best of the season's culinary treats.
The job of a tour guide is to serve tourists, not solicit customers for the shops.
When I admired these somewhat obviously, he smiled and took time to personally guide me through them, describing these special moments in his long career.
So, what we do in these countries is we select very quickly a strong local partner who can guide us through the systems and the processes needed to respond properly to the governments.