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guff / пустая болтовня
имя существительное
пустая болтовня
guff, idle talk, palaver, hot, rigmarole, lip labor
имя существительное
trivial, worthless, or insolent talk or ideas.
Trust me, these ‘get rich quick’ ads are pure bull, guff and hogwash!
The rest were rabbiting on about share prices, company takeovers, fashion accessories, holiday destinations or some such guff .
What a load of unmitigated, unadulterated self-serving guff .
Despite my flimsy belief system, though, something told me not to mess around with this sort of thing, even though I knew it was all guff .
Trust me, these ‘get rich quick’ ads are pure bull, guff and hogwash!
That is a far cry from pub guff and nods and winks.
It will be an alternative to the usual football, guff and nonsense.
In most aircraft safety guff , the instructions for smashing into the earth are pretty clear: simply sit in the brace position beaming euphorically, never forgetting that you might also need to grip a euphoric child or infant.
There is a lot of guff and jargon surrounding this issue.
If you want to put him on your web site that is a business decision for you, but if you put the sort of guff he has written in newspapers into your subscription email I will probably unsubscribe.
All this guff and nonsense does is reinforce the conviction that the City of York Council does not give a stuff if there is a football club in the city.