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guest / гость, постоялец, паразит
имя существительное
guest, visitor, caller, visitant
guest, resident, roomer
parasite, pest, sponge, sucker, sponger, guest
имя прилагательное
guest, visit, stay, visit with, stop, be on a visit
принимать как гостя
имя существительное
a person who is invited to visit the home of or take part in a function organized by another.
I have two guests coming to dinner tonight
appear as a guest.
he guested on one of her early albums
If a guest should stay eight times at any Oberoi Hotel, they are entitled to a complimentary stay for two nights at an Oberoi Resort.
I was fortunate enough to dine as a guest of the restaurant and therefore etiquette demands that I don't review the meal.
The other night on your radio program, your guest noted that you perform a very important public service by disseminating information of this type.
He's a regular guest on many different talk shows in the US.
he was in Warsaw as a guest of the Polish government
Later that evening she will launch the festival and will be guest speaker at an event hosted by the heritage office of Carlow County Council.
On some occasions the guest lists have appeared wilfully eclectic.
He seems to be a regular guest on some BBC radio programmes on environmental matters, so he is not an ivory tower scribbler.
You also can hear him as a guest on Sporting News Radio.
a regular guest on the morning show