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guesstimate / догадка
имя существительное
guess, conjecture, surmise, guesstimate, inkling
давать приблизительную оценку
имя существительное
an estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation.
Based on guesstimates of the likely renewed whale stock, this could mean Norway raising its annual catch from 550 minkes to 2,000, and possibly extending the hunting to other species.
form an estimate of based on guesswork and calculation.
the task is to guesstimate the total vote
The point is that I guesstimate the box office every weekend based on a combination of both tracking and my intuition, personal insights, etc, etc, etc.
I would guesstimate this to be about a 3 hour job.
During time trials, I try to guesstimate what the margin of victory is going to be, especially if the car in the other lane is similar to what I'm racing in performance.
My guesstimate is that the positives will outweigh the negatives, but that progress will be much slower than it could be with better policies.
the task is to guesstimate the total vote
Judging from the detail level, I'd guesstimate this is about 50 metres across.
This too seems to be based on what may roughly be termed a guesstimate , with no consideration of the negativities.
a rough guesstimate of public expenditure
Myself, I would guesstimate the difference between the two measurements, and then err slightly on the smaller side.
Since the best quality is even more important from their point of view, you can safely let them do the choosing and purchasing, and I'm sure they'll be able to correctly guesstimate the size you'll need as well.