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guerrilla / партизан, партизанская война
имя существительное
partisan, guerrilla, guerilla, bushwhacker, guerilla warrior
партизанская война
guerrilla, guerilla war, guerilla
имя прилагательное
guerrilla, partisan
имя существительное
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.
this small town fell to the guerrillas
All this guerrilla artwork reflected the widespread belief that it was the IRA that had pulled off the heist.
The guerrilla gigs and the reduced-price gigs are an extension of this philosophy, and an attempt to form a community.
Here's one for luck, a deadly nicotine tea used for the mass destruction of aphids by guerrilla gardeners.
We're guerrilla publishers: you see a gap and fill it to as high a standard as possible.
Several small actions took place - street theatre, guerrilla gardening, sitdowns.
These days, a friendship with Pete Doherty and a habit of guerrilla gigging virtually guarantee success.
guerrilla warfare
It was system of indirect control, with the US constantly fighting low level guerilla warfare with special forces.
The regiment has long experience in Yemen, where it fought against guerrillas in the 1960s.
This program forced civilians to take sides and served to increasingly isolate guerillas from popular support.