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gubernatorial / губернаторский, относящийся к правителю, относящийся к управляющему
имя прилагательное
относящийся к правителю
относящийся к управляющему
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a state governor or the office of state governor.
a gubernatorial election
After the attorney helped a gubernatorial candidate win an election, he became the governors counsel.
The new organization demanded wider public participation and transparency during the next gubernatorial election.
Before this date, the minister is expected to appoint a caretaker whose main task will be to prepare a gubernatorial election.
Between now and next year, 38 states and two territories will hold gubernatorial elections.
Interestingly, these PR projects began to multiply after gubernatorial elections were done away with late last year.
He expressed the hope that stability during gubernatorial elections might signal the return of security and order in the province.
Widespread money politics was often reported during regional gubernatorial and regental elections.
The gubernatorial election is still not over in Washington state.
According to the bill, the province is allowed to arrange direct gubernatorial elections, whenever it is ready.
The gubernatorial election regulation requires that a candidate should be at least a senior high school graduate.