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guardroom / гауптвахта, караульное помещение
имя существительное
guardhouse, guardroom, clink, cooler
караульное помещение
guardhouse, guardroom, watchhouse
имя существительное
a room in a military base used to accommodate a guard or detain prisoners.
In barracks sentries are usually furnished by the unit's guard, a detachment of soldiers on duty for a 24-hour period, who live in the guardroom or guardhouse.
The northern tower, originally a guardroom , is still visible.
You'd better take that to the guardroom , then.
One young sentry who felt that the ghost was near him panicked and ran to the guardroom for protection.
They laid down their arms, explained their position to their non-commissioned officer, and presented themselves at the guardroom to be taken into custody.
‘The nearest place was the RAF base, so I went over to the main gate and asked the people at the guardroom to help me,’ she said.
The entrance was right in front of him and the guardroom was empty.
As she suspected, the guards were posted outdoors, outside the door of the guardroom .
Music started blaring from a loudspeaker outside the guardroom - very loud.
A man accompanies him into a guardroom , where an officer is presiding over some registers.
The gun, until last year, had sat for over 34 years in front of the guardroom with little or no maintenance.