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guardian / опекун, страж, попечитель
имя существительное
guardian, custodian, trustee, tutor, conservator, curator
guardian, watch, sentinel, custodian
trustee, guardian, sponsor, fiduciary
имя существительное
a defender, protector, or keeper.
self-appointed guardians of public morality
Then the court will decide who must take care of minor children unless the parents have appointed a guardian .
Children go into care when their current parent or guardian is unable to look after them, or if the child's health, safety or well-being is at risk.
If so the patient may be unable to instruct a solicitor and will require a guardian ad litem in any court proceedings.
No adult should be permitted to take a child from her parent or guardian , and then take away her nascent free will.
Regulations 7 and 8 spell out an adoption agency's duties in respect of a child, his parents or guardian and prospective adopter.
I am acting as guardian of my late brother's family
The film revolves round a martial arts master who comes to America in search of the next guardian who would protect the powerful scroll in his possession.
Orphans were placed under the protection of a guardian by means of action taken by a sanctuary.
For centuries, despite forays into excesses and hypocrisy, the Church acted as a guardian of private and public morality.
And he's the guardian and protector of our barbecue, to make sure that everything is strictly kosher.