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grunge / гранж
имя существительное
grime; dirt.
But there must be limits to disgust as well, because you know we also need a bit of dirt and grunge in our lives to prime our immune system.
a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery.
But rock took a back seat in the last two decades because of the predominance of electronic music, as well as the emergence of strains like grunge rock and hip-hop, which did not appeal to mainstream Indian viewers.
And, of course, lots of very pretty leather clothing (which is justified because they wear true grunge in real life).
The convergence of grunge with high fashion in the 1990s was an indication of the growing tension between the style sought by wealth and mass-marketing necessity.
It felt so good to wash away the grunge and grime of the previous night and I stood in the shower a bit longer than necessary, thankful that God had indeed created hot water tanks.
Sometimes that includes disco, rock or even grunge .
Nirvana was able to seek refuge in two camps, with one foot tenuously dipped in the waters of grunge , and one grimy boot firmly set in the world of punk rock.
Besides the sheer danger of war reporting, these books give a palpable sense of the dislocation and discomfort of the job, the stench of war and the deafening noise of it, the grunge and grime of it.
But, for many young people, the anarchists' grunge could never compete with a frothy creation worn by Nick Rhodes or Steve Strange's latest sartorial take on Robinson Crusoe's buckskins.
I still want him to fall for me afterward - should I just wear something regular, something that shows off my figure, dress up, or go grunge ?
‘Your helmet will get a terminal case of grunge before it dies of sweat,’ the group says on its Web site.
Since all these groups started bad-mouthing grunge , what's happened with Seattle rock?