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gruff / грубый, грубоватый, хриплый
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, gruff
rough, gruff, bluff, blunt, uncouth, earthy
hoarse, raucous, husky, breathy, throaty, gruff
имя прилагательное
abrupt or taciturn in manner.
penetrate a gruff exterior and you will find him affable
The core message seems to be that saving lives is still noble, and the people who do it best have hearts of gold, even if that heart is buried under a gruff exterior.
Make up your own silly opposites, such as a high, squeaky voice and a low, gruff voice.
His personality is more surprising: the gruff , taciturn public image back home turns out to be a myth.
A gruff voice snarled from a dark corner behind them.
He speaks with a gruff voice, is balding and was last seen wearing a grey anorak and trousers.
He had a deep, gruff voice, and he said some things that bothered her.
his voice was gruff but there was still a hint of anxiousness in his tone.
Erik's smile faded away quickly when three gruff looking men approached him.
His manner was gruff , and I could see his eyes were wet.
After five rings, I was about to hang up, when I heard a gruff voice answer.