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gruel / кашица, жидкая каша, размазня
имя существительное
gruel, paste, mush, pulp, squash, pap
жидкая каша
gruel, namby-pamby
строго наказывать
exhaust, crock, do, gruel
имя существительное
a thin liquid food of oatmeal or other meal boiled in milk or water.
Their only recompense is thin gruel and some bread at the end of the day.
Ayurvedic outlets are being besieged with requests for this mixture of rice gruel and medicinal herbs.
The main crop was oats, barley and wheat, used for the making of bread, porridge, gruel and in the case of the barley, brewing beer.
Their only recompense is thin gruel and some bread at the end of the day.
It has been two days since I've eaten, and even then it was only a small bowl of thin, runny gruel .
Another traditional dish is gruel or porridge made with the dried fruit of sago palms.
They were back at the cafeteria, and he was served the same meal as the rest of the men: gruel and potatoes.
A bowl of oatmeal or grits or gruel is set in front of me, but my stomach retches.
Her older brother's wife had thrown leftover rice gruel beside the cowshed.
For a cart owner, the day begins well before sunrise when he gives his pair of oxen a good scrub and a meal of hay and rice - bran gruel .
Pride of place, however, goes to the contents of a large brown bowl in the centre of the table, which contains a rice gruel boiled in Japanese tea.