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grubby / грязный, неряшливый, неопрятный
имя прилагательное
dirty, messy, filthy, muddy, foul, grubby
sloppy, sleazy, slovenly, grubby, scruffy, unkempt
untidy, unkempt, slovenly, grubby, unclean, disorderly
имя прилагательное
dirty; grimy.
the grubby face of a young boy
Yes they are a bit grubby at times but that was my only concern.
However, if your lounge has become grubby from an accumulation of different stains it should first be treated with talcum powder.
He explained how life on the march was pretty grubby and smelly.
We are guided through a world where much is shabby and grubby , inhabited by characters who barely communicate with one another.
Love is marred by the grubby ring he left round the bath, the dirty pants on the bedroom floor, the washing you asked him to hang out left screwed up in the washing machine.
In truth, I came away from the date feeling a bit grubby .
Perhaps as a society we believe the grubby hands of business should be kept off our organs, especially in death.
What does any of this all-consuming grubby affair have to do with the business of politics?
Pragmatists, sensing a bottomless well of grubby dishonesty, have called for an amnesty, hoping to encourage names to be named.
And sometimes I got a rather grubby toffee too.