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grub / копаться, выкорчевывать, надрываться
delve, rummage, rummage about, grub, loiter, rummage in
uproot, unroot, grub, grub up, log off, grub out
grub, grub on, overstrain oneself, grub along, grub away
много работать
grub on, grub, grub along, grub away
dig, scoop, dig out, excavate, scrape out, grub
имя существительное
larva, grub, maggot, nymph, slug
food, meal, eating, fare, meat, grub
литературный поденщик
hack, grub, hack writer, hackworker, hodman
литературный раб
ghostwriter, ghost, hack, hack writer, hackworker, grub
имя существительное
the larva of an insect, especially a beetle.
Dwarf mongooses mainly feed on insects like termites, locusts, beetles, grubs , larvae and spiders.
a popular bar serving excellent grub
dig or poke superficially at the earth; dig shallowly in soil.
the damage done to pastures by badgers grubbing for worms
search for something in a clumsy and unmethodical manner; rummage.
I began grubbing about in the wastepaper basket to find the envelope
Lemurs, meanwhile, are usually lefties when it comes to grabbing their grub .
That's why he's willing to use them as an election-year football in order to grub votes from rednecks.
The kitchens follow the tradition of the infamous chef Vatel by serving lavish grub , as in the days of King Louis XIV.
A small kitchen serving good quality basic pub grub completes the menu.
If all you want is a plate of grub , there are lots of places you can get food where that's all you pay for.
a popular bar serving excellent grub
It is supposed to be strictly a commerce-free zone - not exactly a public service, maybe, but also not a place to grub for the Almighty Dollar.
There are plenty of restaurants and good pubs with good grub in the town and in nearby villages.
she has achieved independence without having to grub for it
He is a born loner used to corrupting words to grub a living.