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grower / садовод, растение, растениевод
имя существительное
gardener, horticulturist, grower, fruiter, fruit-grower
plant, herb, grower
имя существительное
a person who grows a particular type of crop.
a fruit grower
a plant that grows in a specified way.
a fast grower
I remember having a debate about organic methods with a commercial vegetable grower .
The seed and seed treatment selection is the first step in a grower 's crop production plan.
a fruit grower
Sow mustard after other salad greens have sprouted; this vigorous grower can crowd out everything else.
I am a turkey grower in Central Texas who markets manure and produces compost for retail sales.
They are a vigorous grower spreading by underground root and tolerate many types of soil.
Such plantings may be doomed to failure, regardless of the amount of pesticide a grower uses.
a fruit grower
a fast grower
For fruit and nut crops, pollination can be a grower 's only real chance to increase yield.