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grovel / пресмыкаться, унижаться, ползать
grovel, kowtow, crawl, crouch, creep, kotow
degrade, grovel, stoop, demean, debase, prostrate
crawl, creep, grovel
имя существительное
fawning, grovel, bootlicking, backscratching
adulation, cringing, sycophancy, obsequiousness, grovel, toad-eating
lie or move abjectly on the ground with one's face downward.
she was groveling on the floor in fear
This requires flexibility and upper-body strength, neither of which I had, and it was generally humiliating, especially when we had to grovel on the ground doing ‘power moves’.
Each year at harvest, the prince hosts a feast for the noblemen of the countryside, while the peasants who farm his land grovel in abject poverty.
everyone expected me to grovel with gratitude
If they want me to get down and grovel on the floor, no.
He held his hands to his face and began to grovel towards nothing, his elbows resting on the grainy ground, tears clotting the soft brine.
Obviously a good grovel is as necessary today as it was in the days of serfs.
She saw him grovel on the floor, begging for mercy.
Ed tried to wriggle and in the end started grovelling to Neil, that he was probably the best informed political journalist on the economy.
As a depiction of Labor policy, it represents one of the more sniveling grovels in recent memory.
They groveled to the females before every song and it was just a lame rock performance.