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grove / роща, лесок, штольня
имя существительное
grove, wood, copse, coppice, hurst, tope
grove, bosk
gallery, tunnel, adit, level, grove
имя существительное
a small wood, orchard, or group of trees.
an olive grove
Around the beginning of the 20th century, a neighbor planted a grove of American chestnuts.
The women who met in the secluded sacred grove became sisters joined by blood.
an olive grove
We walked along the beach at a quick pace and soon reached the grove .
When they had reached a small grove of trees, the girl turned to look into her love's eyes.
an olive grove
The woods in front of them degenerated into a thick grove of bamboo and undergrowth.
Here, on one side, is a terraced olive grove dropping away towards the sea.
We skimmed groves of ancient olive trees and ribs of bleached white stone.
His sustainable productive chain begins at the small coconut groves that are farmed by rural communities.