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grouse / ворчать
grumble, growl, nag, mutter, grunt, grouse
имя существительное
grouse, hazel grouse, fritillaria, hazel-hen
шотландская куропатка
grouse, red grouse, moorhen, moor cock, moorfowl, moor game
grumbler, croaker, nagger, growler, grouse, sourpuss
шотландский тетерев
имя существительное
a medium to large game bird with a plump body and feathered legs, the male being larger and more conspicuously colored than the female.
Which was the fastest game bird in Europe - the golden plover or the grouse ?
a grumble or complaint.
our biggest grouse was about the noise of the construction work
complain pettily; grumble.
she heard him grousing about his assistant
The grouse of aged visitors to the Eco Park against the Corporation is that it has not taken any steps to develop the three-acre area on its southern side.
The grouse had been hung too long and cooked too long.
Typically, customers do grouse , but in the aggregate, they've not rebelled and over time have come to accept the practice as fully entrenched.
our biggest grouse was about the noise of construction work
Their grouse : expansive windmill-farms look unsightly!
Pair up female and male black grouse that have no chemistry - the female isn't interested in the male.
The breast of grouse was slightly overdone and a bit dry, but had the intriguingly complex flavours of wild moorland feeding.
As we near the beginning of the autumn game season, consider brambles as accompaniments in sauces; with their tart sweetness, they complement perfectly the richness of game such as venison, grouse or pigeon.
But take away that personal grouse , and you've still got a strong selection from one of the best damn dance-groups ever.
The first year of the project saw 30 young black grouse released in October 2003.