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grouping / группировка, группирование, кучность
имя существительное
group, grouping, faction, groupment, alinement
имя существительное
a set of people acting together with a common interest or purpose, especially within a larger organization.
a grouping of Protestant churches
put together or place in a group or groups.
three wooden chairs were grouped around a dining table
The value of disciplinary grouping is that, at least at its best, people with real and specific competence are in control.
What we know after today is that we are the only grouping in this Parliament that cares about this nation.
Using study units served to focus the interviews and facilitated the identification and grouping of activities and concerns in each of the coastal areas.
Two more nations hope to join the grouping in 2007.
a grouping of left-wing trade union leaders
Whether these are in widely different subjects, or whether they just stay within the confines of a traditional subject grouping , is yet to be resolved.
an alternative form of ability grouping
The third factor or grouping accounted for seven percent of the variance is best described as traditional outreach skills.
For example, cooperative grouping and greater use of discussion have been used successfully in classrooms with large numbers of students.
The order of presentation of the speakers was constructed to avoid grouping of similar accents, gender and appearances.