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groundswell / донные волны, накат, растущая общественная поддержка
имя существительное
донные волны
follow, groundswell
растущая общественная поддержка
имя существительное
a buildup of opinion or feeling in a large section of the population.
an unexpected groundswell of opposition developed
a large or extensive swell in the sea.
The wreck is well broken among rocks, spread out and so close in that even on a flat-calm day the groundswell sloshes the boat up and down as it moves in as close as possible to drop divers off.
A groundswell of public opinion has been building up against the company since it started reducing the length of trains, forcing more travellers to stand on their journeys to and from the City.
‘There is a groundswell of urbanism in Calgary,’ says Taylor.
We'll need a website of course, to create a groundswell of enthusiasm among the general public.
If there was a groundswell of opinion here for regional government then I could see a referendum.
The union does not oppose the liberalisation of the postal network, but only urges that it takes place more cautiously in order to prevent a groundswell of opposition.
There is also a groundswell of opposition among some independent financial advisers.
a groundswell of opposition developed
With a groundswell of popular support, the strictest rent control in the nation was put into effect to protect renters' rights.
It had to be cancelled, however, due to a groundswell of public opposition.
Suppose that a groundswell of popular support finally pushes our proposal through Congress in the form of the Deliberation Day Act of 2012.