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groundsman / землекоп
имя существительное
digger, excavator, navvy, groundsman, ditcher, groundman
Moving on to the police search of the groundsman 's hangar building, he said he opened it up for the police.
The Hibs groundsman declared it unplayable, and the referee indicated during the warm-up that the match would be completed only if there was no more rain.
He now works as a groundsman at the Ross Park Primary School.
He started work as a groundsman with the local authority straight from school and has never looked back.
To begin by noting that this exhibition includes a transcript of an interview the artist conducted with the head groundsman of Ellis Park stadium might suggest that it is a bit tedious.
Would it cost so much to employ a groundsman to keep the grass down and a few cleaners to give the place the once-over with a duster every now and then?
He is particularly well placed, with a council groundsman , landscape gardener and golf greenkeeper on his playing staff.
By the time he was a teenager in the 1950s, he was spending all his spare time at Recreation Park, cleaning boots, helping the groundsman , travelling to away games on the team bus.
We are competing against millionaire clubs and our only full-time paid employee is our groundsman and steward.
Our groundsmen spotted several of them, and although they are more likely to be frightened of humans, we thought it was prudent to warn those who use the cemetery to watch where they walk.