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groundless / безосновательный, беспочвенный, беспричинный
имя прилагательное
groundless, motiveless, air-built
groundless, ungrounded, motiveless
causeless, groundless, gratuitous, wanton, uncaused
имя прилагательное
not based on any good reason.
your fears are quite groundless
They see the book as ‘underpinned by groundless fears and moral panic’.
And, to cap it all, after berating the press for running groundless , unsourced rumours, you end on one yourself.
Fear of death seems to me to be a phobia, i.e. an unreasonable, groundless fear.
In both cases, the fear was neither groundless nor unreasonable.
Fears of a whitewash might well prove groundless .
Accusations of having received US funding were groundless , the movement's leaders have repeatedly said.
My assertion is by no means groundless if we take into account our 1.3 billion population and per capita arable land.
Well, any position can be made to seem groundless if one simply doesn't cite some of the strongest arguments in its defense.
The worst cases can lead to agoraphobia or other crippling effects and are very sad because the anxieties and fears which cause so much trouble are usually groundless .
Indeed the fact that such apparently groundless claims are being banded around suggests that, for some at least, the term has already taken on a new meaning.