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groundbreaking / новаторским
innovative, revolutionary, breakthrough
  • groundbreaking research - новаторское исследование
  • groundbreaking technology - революционная технология
  • groundbreaking project - инновационный проект
имя прилагательное
breaking new ground; innovative; pioneering.
Some disciplines are pioneering groundbreaking research on ethical behaviour.
The bleak but groundbreaking Irish playwright was obsessive about how his works should be presented.
The stars come out on Broadway to celebrate this powerful and groundbreaking story.
Compared to the student hops and ‘shiny’ discos of the past, this was groundbreaking stuff for us.
Granted, good history need not always be based on groundbreaking research.
They have to put up with some shoddy sequels to groundbreaking originals.
And occasionally they would throw some groundbreaking storytelling or visual techniques at you.
In conclusion, it isn't particularly novel or groundbreaking , but it works.
Here, the notion of a groundbreaking or experimental pop single seems oxymoronic.
Professors have been grown to do one thing well and that is groundbreaking research.
We expect to debut the surprising research from this groundbreaking study at the end of July.