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grouchy / ворчливый, брюзгливый
имя прилагательное
grouchy, querulous, nagging, crabbed, murmurous, capernoited
peevish, grouchy, querulous, acidulated, sourish, ill-tempered
имя прилагательное
irritable and bad-tempered; grumpy; complaining.
the old man grew sulky and grouchy
She was cranky and grouchy most of the time and her feet hurt but she had work to do.
I am appalling in the morning, really foul-tempered and grouchy .
I was so tired and grouchy I just couldn't be bothered.
I thought you were grouchy and cranky, but I had no idea what two teeth could do to a human being, and the world will never be the same.
Because Papa grew so grouchy and irascible as his health failed, I wondered at times how many people really liked him.
If I sometimes seem grouchy or disoriented, remember that like Walt Whitman I contain multitudes.
Thus confined to bed and therefore incredibly grumpy and grouchy , she made life difficult for anyone visiting her.
I wrote the above a few days ago, and now I'm not grouchy at all.
But instead, there were snubs and grouchy charges of poisoning relationships.
Maria in the morning was an entirely different entity from Maria the rest of the day, and twice as grouchy and irritable.