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grouch / дурное настроение, брюзга, недовольство
имя существительное
дурное настроение
grouch, sulk, pet, hump, sulks, doldrums
killjoy, grouch, sourpuss, growler, wet blanket, sorehead
discontent, dissatisfaction, displeasure, complaint, grudge, grouch
grumble, scold, grouch, croak, grunt
grumble, growl, nag, mutter, grunt, grouch
имя существительное
a habitually grumpy person.
rock's foremost poet and ill-mannered grouch
voice one's discontent in an ill-tempered manner; grumble.
there's not a lot to grouch about
my only real grouch was that the children's chorus was far less easy on the ear
he's in a thundering grouch
It wouldn't be so funny to hear just any ordinary grouch complaining about his wife's idiosyncrasies to a starving 6-year-old.
You have the perfect opportunity to turn the grouch in your life into the equivalent of Santa's little helper this weekend.
Yeah - I know - don't be a grouch , don't whine, it's part of living in New York City.
Some people talk about depressive realism, the idea that depressed people see reality better, but it occurred to me that maybe any success I'd had in life was in spite of being a grouch, not because of being a grouch , so I resolved to change.
It merely brands you as the department's top grumbler, grouch and complainer.
And if I can stop whining, you can stop being such a grouch .
This is why I like him; he's an entertaining grouch .
I might have been guilty of this myself when younger, but that's not gonna stop me from being an old grouch about it now.