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grotty / безобразный, отвратительный
имя прилагательное
ugly, monstrous, grotty, haggish, frightful
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, grotty
имя прилагательное
unpleasant and of poor quality.
a grotty little hotel
They laughed at him, they called him a loser, they sneered at his grotty little band of physical misfits, they ridiculed his manifestly hypocritical ideas, sought to diminish him publicly at every opportunity they could.
We stayed here as it was cheap & the location is great - probably is good value for money but the rooms are grotty & depressing.
Given the title and director, I was expecting something grotty and disturbing, so I was pleasantly surprised when the film turned out to be a lighthearted kitschy romp.
I'm feeling pretty grotty today, still sick with a cold.
People expect spittoons and grotty seating.
The damp cavernous interior of the house, with its grotty kitchen, filthy toilets and peeling wallpaper, adds to an overbearing sense of decay that pervades the film and its characters.
Otherwise their five-star hotel will have to be built in a less prominent position with a view over our grotty row of cottages.
The horror books certainly were gross and grotty .
Sometimes he would force you to clean his filthy floor with a grotty toothbrush and if you were really naughty he would lock you in the dirty, dusty dungeon.
‘It has shown it has an ability to bounce back from the bad old days of high unemployment and poor education and a grotty town centre,’ he said.