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grotto / грот, пещера
имя существительное
grotto, mainsail, grot, groat
cave, cavern, grotto, den, hollow, grot
имя существительное
a small picturesque cave, especially an artificial one in a park or garden.
In addition to the gardens, there were two grottos with hidden, artificial lighting, that sheltered the new friendship, if not love, flourishing between David and Carrie.
At 11 am there will be a May procession to bless the new grotto to Our Lady in the garden in Spring Gardens.
Usually a little grotto is prepared for the Pope's tomb.
The present grotto commemorating Our Lady's apparitions at Lourdes will be moved to another location in the garden.
During the week, youngsters tried their hand at pumpkin carving and visited a haunted house grotto .
Residents in the area have been pushing for the building of a grotto in the green area of the park and the building of a wall around the park over the last 12 months.
A grandad from Trowbridge has transformed his garden into a magical grotto for children to enjoy.
Rolling over to find sweet relief from his side, he stared blankly at the ceiling, a grubby grotto of sepia walls.
The railings around the grotto were erected at a later date.
More than 30,000 children and adults had visited his grotto the year before.
visits to Father Christmas's grotto