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groovy / захватывающий, волнующий
имя прилагательное
exciting, spectacular, breathtaking, thrilling, engrossing, groovy
exciting, worrying, thrilling, moving, stirring, groovy
имя прилагательное
fashionable and exciting.
sporting a groovy new haircut
She's an Aquarian, so needless to say she is pretty groovy .
It's the catwalk of British gardening, and just as groovy as any fashion show.
If you know someone you think is groovy who would be perfect for someone else you think is groovy , why not go for it?
Best of all by far was having lunch with the eternally groovy and wonderful Kate, as she took a brief moment out of her hectic homehunting schedule.
Many songs wander back to the band's groovy hippie beginnings, but the constant stylistic shifts and mergers stay smooth.
It was cool, it was trendy, it was entirely groovy .
They have a very slick website, very groovy posters and a spanking new CD, yet last night was only their 3rd gig.
Her shop is small, neat and full of bags which cleverly walk the line between smart and groovy .
The drums get really groovy on this song during the verses.
The standard of the show did not drop as he took the stage next and had fans clapping to his groovy voice and strong lyrics.