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groove / паз, канавка, желобок
имя существительное
groove, slot, notch, recess, channel, mortise
groove, slot, riffle, gutter, chase
groove, notch, slot, bezel, fillet, flute
slot, groove, flute
делать пазы
groove, channel, scarf
делать канавки
groove, gutter
имя существительное
a long, narrow cut or depression, especially one made to guide motion or receive a corresponding ridge.
And that is why we are having a very hard look at the grooves on club-faces right now.
an established routine or habit.
his thoughts were slipping into a familiar groove
a rhythmic pattern in popular or jazz music.
the groove laid down by the drummer and bassist is tough and funky
make a groove or grooves in.
deep lines grooved her face
dance or listen to popular or jazz music, especially that with an insistent rhythm.
they were grooving to Motown
pitch (a ball) in the center of the strike zone.
I seem to recall that when he was stopped after hitting in 44 straight games, he said the opposing pitcher should have grooved him a fastball right down the heart of the strike zone so he could continue his streak.
The dual vocals over heavy groove riffs and head-nodding rhythms are as fluid as ever.
They may rely on as simple an explanation as that of a print of a coin in wax, or they may, like Wittgenstein, use examples such as the structural analogy between music and the groove in a gramophone record.
his thoughts were slipping into a familiar groove
Climb the groove on rock then grass until you are level with a scary looking traverse back to the left.
his thoughts were slipping into a familiar groove
He used to groove fastballs when men were on base.
Climb out of the groove on the right and make a long reach to gain easier ground.
Harley relaxed and began to groove
Here they seem to have at last begun honing their ability to ride a simple groove at a moderate pace.
With a typical pop/rock record, the groove will be 2.5 mils (thousands of an inch) wide, and will move from side to side a total of 2.5 mils.