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grog / грог, пунш, спиртной напиток
имя существительное
punch, toddy, grog
спиртной напиток
drink, spirit, liquor, hard drink, strong drink, grog
имя прилагательное
нетвердый на ногах
doddering, doddery, dickey, dicky, grog, groggy
unstable, erratic, unsteady, labile, tippy, grog
shaky, wobbly, wonky, rickety, flimsy, grog
пить грог
имя существительное
spirits (originally rum) mixed with water.
The rest of the rum was poured into a large tub and mixed with water - three parts water to one of rum (after 1938, only two parts water) - to become grog , which was what the ratings got.
The only thing she managed to get out of her was something about lots of grog and not enough sleep, before she turned over and promptly fell asleep again.
Side shows and dodgems abounded and of course there was a few watering holes, killing off people with the chemically brewed grog .
A shot of local rum or creamy rum grog is a traditional accompaniment.
‘I know I've wasted a lot of money on grog , but I promise you that I'll try to control myself,’ his father said, sincerely.
These rumors soon reached Hornblower who questioned if the man had gotten too large a ration of grog , hoping to make light of any such stories.
He wrote that the condition usually struck after a year or more of voyaging, and he tried to delay its onset with generous rations of grog and compulsory dancing on deck to the tunes of a blind fiddler.
The maximum penalty for running grog into a restricted area is $1000 or six months for a first offence, and $2000 or 12 months for a second, plus forfeiture of the vehicle or aircraft.
I guess that's what Americans call pasties (as distinct from pasty or indeed the Parisian grog , Pastis).
As the four sat down to a dinner of bread and grog that night, Nick pulled out a map.
‘Now, take this to him,’ he stated and handed her a mug of grog .