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grizzled / седой, седеющий, серый
имя прилагательное
gray, white, hoary, grizzled, silver, hoar
gray, grizzly, grizzle, grizzled, leaden, hoar
имя прилагательное
having or streaked with gray hair.
grizzled hair
(of a child) cry fretfully.
a grizzling baby
Mathin was a tall melancholy man with a grizzled grey beard and little hair.
Like a grizzled old investigative reporter once told me: It's not the stuff they try to hide that's the real scandal; it's the stuff they think they can get away with right out in the open.
He smiled, showing surprisingly white teeth from such a grizzled , unshaven face.
The 35-year-old Scouser is greying and grizzled .
He was short and stocky, with brown hair that was graying at the temples and a grizzled gray beard.
He had a grizzled beard with small specks of white running through the black.
Mr. Olaster, a tall man with grizzled hair, looked over his glasses disapprovingly as she slipped into her seat near the door.
He was short and grizzled and somewhat round in the belly - he did not seem at all the threatening type.
In addition, fellow grizzled performers Allan Ramsay and Steven Stewart are lined up for, their 63rd and 62nd outings in the tournament.
Silver winked in the man's grizzled brown hair and in the stubble that grew on his cheekbones.