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gristle / хрящ
имя существительное
cartilage, gristle
имя существительное
cartilage, especially when found as tough, inedible tissue in meat.
He grins, and there are bits of gristle and meat stuck in his teeth.
Trim the chicken livers of any gristle and cut off any discoloured bits.
My friend thought it was a little too dry, and although I didn't totally agree, I did think the portion was far too boney, with too much gristle and not enough meat.
The starters were poor, though, a thinnish seafood broth with chunks of tinned tomato expiring at the bottom and a ham hough terrine that, while chunkily rustic, contained too much gristle for comfort.
As he removes the surprisingly large lump of gristle from his sausage, he coughs and shifts nervously in his seat.
Blood and gristle were blasted over the ground.
More than half of it isn't meat at all, but gristle or bone.
At one point as I was wading through gravy, gristle and fat that was masquerading as lamb cutlets, I thought I found a prime piece of meat.
It had none of the toughness associated sometimes with this meat and was obviously of a very high quality with very little fat or gristle .
Remove any gristle from the chicken livers and season.
He grins, and there are bits of gristle and meat stuck in his teeth.