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gripe / тиски, схватывание, колики
имя существительное
vise, vice, grip, gripe, jaws, clamp
setting, grasp, gripe, prehension, grip, solidification
cramps, gripe, cramp, griping, tormina, mulligrubs
seize, catch, take hold of, grapple, capture, gripe
grumble, growl, nag, mutter, grunt, gripe
complain, lament, beef, grumble, moan, gripe
имя существительное
a complaint, especially a trivial one.
his biggest gripe is that he has lost his sense of privacy
gastric or intestinal pain; colic.
Plenty of time for late night blogging while coping with teething, chronic gripe and insomnia from 4am feeds.
an act of grasping tightly.
Do we know that there is a possibility, on any terms, of unclasping the firm gripe of this little Hand, which was laid upon me before I came into the world?
lashings securing a boat in its place on deck or in davits.
The whole operation is performed by one man only in the boat, who, by simply paying off a rope, unlashes and frees the boat from the ship's gripes .
express a complaint or grumble about something, especially something trivial.
they gripe about the busywork
affect with gastric or intestinal pain.
it gripes my belly like a green apple
grasp tightly; clutch.
Hilyard griped his dagger
secure (a boat) with gripes.
The boat must be fully griped in at the davits and the harbour stop pins must be out.
(of a ship) turn to face the wind in spite of the helm.
I had occasion to observe the vessel griped to windward considerably.
They will grumble, they will gripe , they will moan about waiting lists and rotten food.
his biggest gripe is that he has lost his sense of privacy
Holding me with a strong gripe by the cord that tied my hands, he with many oaths threatened to kill me immediately if I would not be quiet.
At present my biggest gripe is the lack of facilities.
he seized me by the arms with a rude gripe
She didn't complain or gripe often, but she always wanted to be part of the conversation, or always wanted someone who would listen to her.
Andres was suffering from gripe and sinus problems for a couple weeks.
It started to gripe my stomach too.
But if the only gripe you can have about watching two discs of soccer highlights is that the music sucks, it's not a bad complaint.
my only gripe is the size of the page numbers