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grip / рукоятка, ручка, захват
имя существительное
lever, handle, grip, arm, hilt, handgrip
handle, pen, knob, stick, grip, arm
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, take
grab, capture, seize, grasp, grip, take
seize, catch, take hold of, grapple, capture, grip
pinch, clamp, grip, jam, clench, clip
имя существительное
a firm hold; a tight grasp or clasp.
his arm was held in a vicelike grip
a part or attachment by which something is held in the hand.
handlebar grips
a traveling bag.
a grip crammed with new clothes
an assistant in a theater; a stagehand.
I am a grip and lighting designer working in the DC area.
take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly.
his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel
(of a feeling or emotion) deeply affect (someone).
she was gripped by a feeling of excitement
Beyond that, the thugs are organized in a manner designed to maintain a tight grip on power.
The Conservatives kept a firm grip on all nine local seats as they strengthened their overall position on Bradford Council.
They had another fine opportunity to take an early lead shortly afterwards as the home side failed to take a grip on the match.
When it rains it's difficult to spot which surface has good grip and which doesn't.
Mr Clayton claimed that too little sand was used in the resin compound, so instead of giving extra grip , the surface became smooth and slippery.
I've changed my grip and my backswing
The shoes have pretty good grip and are Gortex, so they should be pretty good in wet conditions.
A dragon carved into the hilts of the blades and the grip of the pistol marked their individuality.
He made himself level the remaining gun at the words, changed his grip on the pearl handle.
The pistol grip is ergonomically shaped, well designed, and quite comfortable.