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grindstone / точильный камень, жернов, точило
имя существительное
точильный камень
grindstone, whetstone, hone, grinder, burr, knife grinder
millstone, grindstone, grinder, edge stone
sharpener, grindstone, knife grinder, rubber, emery wheel
He is seen sharpening a weapon on an old-fashioned grindstone .
I looked in at the mill, saw the wear on the grindstone , awoke the morning next and - strangely - ordered that another be cut from my quarries up north.
His master, Monsieur Vanderdendur, cut off his hand when his finger got caught in the grindstone in a sugar mill.
Men occasionally damaged axes, meaning a visit to a nearby grindstone to hone a nick from the edge.
The grinding of the grain was done with a grindstone called a Rotary Quern, or a Hand Quern (a small stone on top of a larger stone with the grain in between) if you were poorer.
This can be done by rubbing away surplus metal with a grindstone , whetstone, oilstone, steel, ceramic rod, leather strop or the palm of your hand.
We also took turns at turning the crank of the grindstone when scythes needed to be sharpened.
The most important possessions of the miller were his pairs of grindstones , which were incredibly expensive.
We're ready, the blades are being honed on the grindstones .
Inside, huge grindstones are crushing wheat into flour once again, after an interruption of a century or so.