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grinder / шлифовальный станок, дробилка, точильщик
имя существительное
шлифовальный станок
grinder, grinding machine
crusher, mill, grinder, breaker, cracker, disintegrator
grinder, knife grinder
имя существительное
a machine used for grinding something.
a coffee grinder
a molar tooth.
It was a quadruped, gramnivorous, with 40 teeth, namely 24 grinders , 4 eye teeth and 12 incisive.
"Here's the electric coffee grinder , sweetheart, " I pointed out, coming up behind her.
An electric meat grinder may cost $100 or more.
Using a meat grinder fitted with the large die, grind pork mixture.
Metal grinder Scott Smith, who has worked for R & T Swann for six years, said there were 19 redundancies in total and those affected got written notification last week.
Grind all the ingredients together in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle.
Tip them into an electric grinder - or use a mortar and pestle - and grind until coarse.
Grind the leg meat through a grinder fitted with the medium die attachment and set aside.
a coffee grinder
The grinder can be found in high-end design stores worldwide, further attesting to its appeal.
But one day on the job as a tool grinder in January 1993 he suffered an aneurysm.