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grill / гриль, решетка, рашпер
имя существительное
lattice, grille, grid, grating, grill, grate
gridiron, grill, grid
fry, roast, cook, grill, broil, barbecue
roast, grill, cook, broil, fry
fry, grill, broil, roast
имя существительное
a metal framework used for cooking food over an open fire; a gridiron.
The entrance led past an open kitchen with a vast wood burning oven and open charcoal grills .
cook (something) using a grill.
grill the trout for about five minutes
subject (someone) to intense questioning or interrogation.
my father grilled us about what we had been doing
Very friendly front-of-house, nice bar area and both the grill and the restaurant offer pretty views of a windy forecourt between four skyscrapers.
grill the trout for about five minutes
a grill pan
There's also the need for food, whether it's a burger from the beach grill or a fancy upscale restaurant.
Split the muffins and lightly grill the insides only.
Put the sardines into a small ovenproof dish and place under the grill till they sizzle - it will take around five minutes.
It turned out to be an excuse to stand in the kitchen for fifteen minutes and grill me about mine and Lisa's wedding plans.
So, once everything is mixed together, grill the burgers and bacon.
She was waiting at the door when we came around the corner ready to grill us.
Josh let her in and they walked out the back door to where Matt was attempting to grill steaks.